The Inventory Stela Article

Lies in an obscure corner of the Cairo museum the inventory Stela an important piece of the sphinx puzzle, it records the fact that unravel the traditional dating of the sphinx, it records that the sphinx appears to have already been a sacred inventoried monument at a date when it supposed builder Kafren yet to be born!

The inventory Stela tell this amazing story about Khufu built a temple to Isis along side of the sphinx, so if the sphinx was there in Khufu is time and not built by kafren ?  when did it get built then ?! the way the academics are looking at this is that when they see the hieroglyphs on the inventory Stela it appears to be a recent style of writing and more of a late version of the hieroglyphs suggesting that the true builder are during the late dynasty of Egypt  it’s like suggesting that the 21st century translation of the bible isn’t really the bible ? egyptologist are baffled by this inventory stela and it’s considered to be the black hole in the ancient Egyptian history.