Helpful Tips & Information About Sharm El Sheikh – Excursions

Dear Sharmers if you have any questions regarding any part of your holiday in Sharm El Sheikh after reading the below info, feel free to send us detailed questions and take advantage of our 24/7 online support.

Getting Around Sharm El Sheikh

It is very easy to find taxis in Sharm, in fact you can’t avoid them if you try! They are the blue and white cars and they roam 24 hours a day looking for passengers. By law the taxi driver must use taximeter, and charges for a taxi ride are a flat rate of 5 EGP upon entering the vehicle plus 2 EGP per kilometer you  travel. You may also obtain a receipt for the journey should you need it. Alternatively you may catch one of  the buses that travel up and down the peace road ( Al Salam Road ), which shouldn’t cost you more than 3 EGP per person.

Sharm El Sheikh is divided into three main areas of interest ( Al Hadaba – Naama Bay – Sharks Bay – Nabq Bay )

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Al Hadaba

Great selection of stunning looking

ras mohamed by bus, boat from sharm el sheikh

Naama Bay

Snorkel at the National Park

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Sharks Bay

 Camel ride, Bedouin Lunch, quad bike

ras mohamed by bus, boat from sharm el sheikh

Nabq Bay

Snorkel at the National Park


The official language of Egypt is Arabic, although with an Egyptian dialect. Barber is spoken in a few villages in the wester oases. English and French are common second languages amongst the educated Egyptians. Today, Arabic ranks as the sixth most common language with estimated 186 million native speakers worldwide.
Although English is widely spoken throughout Sharm El Sheikh, here are a few phrases to help you speak and reason with the locals, they just love and appreciate it when visitors make an effort!

As-salam alekum

Where are you from
Inta minayn

Good morning
Sabah Al-khyr


Good evening
Masa al-khyr



Law samaht

How are you

Thank you

What is your name?
Ismak eah?


the domestic slang in sharm el sheikh
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Sharmers Healthy Holiday Tips

Of course it would be impossible to cover all your potential holiday illnesses in a few pages, however we hope that the information you find here may prove useful to helping you have a happy, safe, enjoyable, and healthy holiday in Sharm El Sheikh.

the domestic slang in sharm el sheikh

Accident Prevention

Ok, so this isn’t a medical issue per-se, but accidents cause more death than diseases that tourists usually worry about. We will just cover this with a gentle reminder: To locals in Sharm El Sheikh, “health and safety” could mean something else entirely, therefore you should take care when crossing the road, do not assume a driver will see you and slow down.

the domestic slang in sharm el sheikh