Photographer and professional skydiver Juan Mayer has called his recent skydiving trip to Egypt, which saw him skydive over the Pyramids, one of the “best trips of my life!”Mayer, who has been skydiving for more than 16 years, was invited by the Egyptian Parachute Federation to skydive over the Pyramids and photograph other skydivers.

For so many years dreaming to skydive over the pyramids, finally the dream came true! Thank you so much to the Egyptian Parachute Federation for giving me the chance to be part of this event. And THANKS to many other people who was part of this amazing opportunity! After more than 16 years skydiving and taking photos in many places around the world, this one was the best trip of my life.

So if you’re thinking of going skydiving, this might be of interest to you. Also if you’ve already been, you’ll probably be able to relate to this. Want to know what a Skydive feels like? Or if free-fall hurts?

The plane ride up presents amazing views of the pyramids and is actually quite relaxing. Once you reach the right altitude the plane door opened and you begin making your way to the edge, looking right out below the plane before moving into free fall. The free fall itself lasts about 25 seconds and then there’s a slower, pleasant, descent with the parachute out. The tandem jumpers give you control of the reigns for a short while to do some 360’s.

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