Is Sharm El Sheikh Safe!, Should i Cancel my reservation and book another destination?

As the founder & CEO of one of the most popular tour operators in Sharm El Sheikh, I would like to shed some light on the story of Sinai’s security from the very beginning. Our President Abd EL Fatah EL Sisi took it upon himself to increase the security measure in Sinai, starting 4 years ago he spent 10 million EGP to make sure that Sinai along with its boarders is safe and under control, today we know for a fact that Sinai is under control and there is nothing to be concerned about.

The fact that you can get some radical action from twisted individuals every now and then is not unique to Egypt, it’s the case for every other part in the world, you get hassle in Germany, London, Mass shooting in the US and many different parts, that’s not to say these countries are not doing their best to maintain the security at acceptable levels, No! it just means that bad things are bound to happen when you have a few ill educated people with radical views and greed, possibly paid to destabilize the area, who know .

Where do we stand today!

So the Egyptian people, along with the Ministry of Defense drew a road map to remove the Muslim Brotherhood and their associates from power, unfortunately the Brotherhood were very close to many extremist organizations and we have been warned by our Ministry of Defense that it is not going to be easy to gain stability any time soon, and that the Sinai region will take lots of efforts to be fully secured.

Our Minister of Defense dispatched military forces 6 months ago and sat out to scout out Sinai peninsula ( specially the northern borders ), they discovered all kinds of extremist cells but sooner than we thought we gained control of the region making it difficult for them to operate the way they desire, we cut their gas pipelines (which were illegitimate), we scattered many military forces around the red zones in Sinai and eventually it was a success.

However the remnants of these extremist cells find themselves so helpless and outcast so every once in a while they launch a mindless attack. Not In the big cities like Sharm El Sheikh, Cairo, Luxor or Alexandria but rather on the roads connecting the northern cities to the heart of Sinai, now with a full cover to the entire region Sinai is considered safe & under control.

here is what the British Foreign Office Travel Advice has to say!

Enhanced security measures are in place to protect the Sharm el Sheikh resort areas. Egyptian military are situated in Sharm el Sheikh international airport, at check points around the perimeter of Sharm el Sheikh and throughout the South Sinai Governorate. Routine security checks are being performed on entry into the airport and the police are carrying out vehicle checks in Sharm el Sheikh. There were no violent protests in the South Sinai resorts during recent disturbances in Egypt.

Why some excursions got canceled & which are they?

As a tour operator in Sharm we only cancelled all the excursions that involve travel discouragement from various travel offices of different countries, si if we received a notice regarding anything of course we will put the activity on hold for further notice.

But the security in Sharm El Sheikh is even better than before and 100 percent of the excursions like Quad-bikes, water activities, camel rides, Bedouin dinner parties, Star Gazing, swimming with dolphins, and aqua-park excursions are operational and very safe to book.

It really is sad to see how some people would perceive the general situation, but the threats that were posted online about further attacks are not legitimate and the Egyptian government immediately dealt with them.

Excursions that Sharmers and most of the tour operators canceled are:
– Cairo By Coach
– Desert Paragliding

The Situation in Dec 2017

– Mt. Sinai by Coach Operational & Active
– St. Catherine by Coach Operational & Active 
– Jerusalem by Coach Operational & Active 
– Petra by Ferry Operational & Active
– Cairo by Coach Postponed for further notice

Just enjoy your holiday in Sharm El Sheikh

If you’re coming to Sharm El Sheikh please don’t be scared and you don’t have to actually be confined to your resort, Sharm El Sheikh is safer than lots of parts in the world.

enjoy Sharm el sheikh with Sharmers 2014